Our Stories


We invite you to listen to our stories.  We are “cradle Catholics,” converts, and re-verts.  We have made mistakes, fallen short, and felt hopeless.  We are real people, just like you, whom God has loved with an everlasting love. He sought us out and embraced us with forgiveness. We have felt His tender love and mercy, discovered a joyful community of support and are learning more about our faith every day. We want to share our real experiences with you. Maybe you can relate.



Brian and Pam
“Marriage & Same Sex Attraction”

January 2018
To reach the speakers, send an email to freeindeed111@gmail.com

Joseph and Rachel Breda:
“Chastity while Dating”

April 7th, 2017

Chastity in Dating | Conversion | Family | Newly Weds | Striving for more

Becca Roberts:
“Everything is Grace”

Feb. 3rd, 2017

The struggles of going through high school | The College experience | Unhealthy Relationships | Peer Pressure | Longing for more | Finding Jesus | Sharing the good news

Catalina’s Story:
“Surrendering Breadcrumbs for the Banquet”

Suffering a broken marriage, divorce and custody battles | Dating without respect and love | Fighting cancer | Feeling hopeless | Realizing the power of the Mary and the Eucharist | The mercy of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

 Meg Hunter-Kilmer:
“How Men and Women Love Differently”

Authentic Masculinity & Femininity | Complementary for a Reason | Believing Your Beautiful | Being a Hero